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What makes a Clearly Designed website or mobile app?




Internet marketing with search engine marketing, user experience design, usability testing, HTML/CSS web development, and design consulting.



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Design Consulting

If you have an existing website or mobile app that is not performing, we can explain why and then suggest the steps to fix it.

User Research

One of the most important steps in running a successful business is understanding who and where your users are.  Users can be existing customers, potential customers, or even people who your customers pay to use their products/services.

  • What are their pain points with your current products/services?
  • What motivates them to use your products/services?
  • What language do your users speak?
  • What age range are the majority of your users?
  • Do your users have any accessibility issues?


Creating wireframes before jumping into design is the equivalent to having a blueprint before constructing.  This lets you quickly get a rough idea of how things will look and work and enable you to make quick edits so that the final product is what you (and your users) want.

Usability Testing

You are not your target user.  It is more important to create something that appeals to your actual users than something you personally like that they may not.  This is because it is them that use your product/service and provide you business, so you need to cater to them.

Website Design

Whether you want to use your website to market your company's products/services or to actually sell them, having an internet presence in the form of a website is where many go to find you.

Mobile App Design

Smartphones are everywhere and people are glued to their screens.  Having a mobile app enables you to access things from the phone like GPS, mobile payments, and others.

Front End Development

Custom development helps you stand out from your competitors.  HTML and CSS can be used to provide that edge.


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How much do you charge to design a website or mobile app?

Contact us to let us know more about your specific situation so that we can provide you a customized quote on building a Clearly Designed website and/or mobile app for you.


What do I need to provide?

Nothing.  However, if you have an idea of what you want or can provide a list of other websites or mobile apps that you like we can use them to get an idea and provide a solution that exemplifies those characteristics.


What do you recommend is the first step to get started?

User research.  Understanding who your users (i.e. potential customers, existing customers, etc.) are, what their pain points are with your existing products/services, and where they are is crucial to connecting with them.



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